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The Maybury

With a design that's easy to wear from dawn till dusk (and maybe beyond), these sunglasses are perfect for all-day wear. Fun, stylish and ready for adventure.

Why the Maybury?

With our Maybury sunglasses, style and protection go hand in hand. These sunnies are fun to wear, making a statement wherever you go. They're also lightweight, making them easy to take along on any adventure. So whether you're walking the dog or heading to a festival, our Maybury sunglasses have you covered.

So get ready for festival season with the Maybury's fun and stylish design, making them easy to wear all day long to right when the sun goes down. And even if you're not one of life's festival goers, and you prefer your music from your headphones, you can still be making a statement with their eye-catching design as you walk down the street just going about your day!

From park days to fun in the sun

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