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We've all got one, so here's ours

Our Story

Have you ever lost a pair of sunglasses? Dropped a pair? Scratched a pair? Have you ever been too afraid to actually use your sunglasses because you’re too concerned about damaging them, so they never actually see the light of day? Well us too. That’s why we created Sunbray. 

My most expensive pair of sunglasses ever cost $800! Okay, so that’s not strictly true, as it was the same exact $200 pair but purchased four times. Why? Well, I found the perfect pair and style that I loved and that suited me, so I was happy to spend the money ($200). But then…I lost them. So reluctantly I bought the exact same pair again to replace them (another $200).

I would say it was 6 months later that I was helping my in-laws with some gardening (to save them money instead of getting a gardener) but in the 35C heat my glasses fell off my face and I accidentally trod on them ...arghh. So as you can imagine, I was getting a bit of a reputation for losing and breaking sunglasses. I still really liked this style and couldn’t find any other classic styles that I liked …so I went ahead and purchased another pair (if you’re keeping score, that’s $600 now).

Fast forward another 4 months I was out with friends for some lunch and drinks. Day led to evening, evening led to night...and you guessed it, I lost them. Heavy sigh. But this time, I couldn’t quite face the stick I would get at home for losing yet another pair of sunglasses, so I went out and purchased another pair (yep we’re up to $800). I didn’t confess the true story until now!!

So we know exactly what it's like, the annoyance, cost and expense of losing, breaking and replacing sunglasses. That’s why we created Sunbray®.

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