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How to find your sunglasses size

The three numbers that indicate the size of our sunglasses can be found on the inside of the left arm on each pair of sunglasses. The numbers will look like this: 52-20-145 (however the numbers vary depending on the measurements of each pair of glasses). These are the frame dimensions, and they’re expressed in millimeters. From left to right, here’s what these numbers refer to:

Behind the numbers

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Advice for the best sunglasses fit

Think about frame width

To achieve the ideal fit, make sure that the width of your glasses frame is slightly wider than your face. The distance between your temples is the key measurement to consider. Keep in mind that if your glasses are too wide, they may make your face appear overly narrow. Conversely, if your glasses are too narrow, they can create the illusion of a wider face.

Think about face shape

When it comes to round faces, square or rectangular shaped frames are the way to go. These frame shapes with their bold, angled lines create a nice contrast to the soft, curved lines of round faces.

Think about style

Though it's great to consider your glasses and face measurements, don't let the numbers blind you from finding a pair of glasses you really love!

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